Find $1,000 in your inbox. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Find $1,000 in your inbox.

Sometimes our brains are really awesome, like when they remind us to take the cookies out of the oven. And sometimes they’re really terrible assholes, like when they tell us we don’t have “enough” money. No matter how much money we actually have, and regardless of whether we managed to keep ourselves fed, clothed, sheltered, and internet-ed in the past month.

Here’s a really fun, quick way to make money when your brain says you don’t have enough.

I call it the “$1,000 in your inbox game,” and it’s not scammy, scummy, sleazy, or slimy. Watch and learn.

For a more detailed talk of sales follow-up — which is what this game involves — head on over and read this article.

Now, go send that first e-mail. It’s the hardest one!

You can absolutely send ten e-mails just like that first one today, and I bet you’ll be THRILLED with the results.

The only way to fail at this game is refusing to play. 😉

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