What you missed in 2017. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

What you missed in 2017.

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I have a great fear of repeating myself — in print, in person, in podcast form — anywhere at all — and so my usual way of being is to move quickly from one thing to another, making more stuff and more stuff and EVEN MORE STUFF.

So. Pause. Here’s a bunch of the best stuff you might have missed in 2017.

My best decision of the year was quitting Facebook. Here’s what happened when I did, and here’s how to quit Facebook in 8 steps.

The work I’m most proud of having made:

⚡️ Coming out of the spiritual closet.

If you’re secretly woo, recovering from religion, and/or suspect the work you do in the world isn’t enough to make a damn bit of difference to anyone, anywhere, this is for you.

⚡️ The long journey to the body.

If you secretly view your body as a means of carrying your mind from place to place, identify as a smart kid/overachiever, or aren’t naturally inclined to doing exercise, this is for you.

⚡️ How to get to anywhere you want to go.

Instead of making resolutions for the new year, you might try checking in with the physical world, the interior continent, and the truest work. Let me introduce these concepts and walk you through ’em — as I outline the framework that allowed me to be free of buying 6-step programs, silver bullets, and other marketing-heavy-multi-thousand-dollars-programs, once and for all.

Meet people I admire/respect/adore/all of the above:

Tara Leaver on the creative process

Kim Anami on how to be a well-fucked woman

Nick McArthur on being brave

Get a grip on your asshole brain:

Stop self sabotage.

Why taking care of your own damn self is more important now than ever before.

Joy is an act of resistance.

My best poems:

Note to Self. (For the overachievers, strivers, and get-shiz-done-ers.)



In 2018, I want everyone I know to try breathwork. To that end:

Here’s the Receive breathwork class.

If you bat down compliments, have trouble taking care of yourself, and/or don’t believe you’re worthy of love/affection/joy/all the awesome life has to offer, this is for you.

Breathwork is an active form of healing that you can do while lying down and breathing. (Pants optional.) It’s helped me keep my shit together while the U.S. experiences political turmoil at unprecedented-in-my-lifetime levels, and it’s helped me keep my heart open despite all the efforts being made to close it on a daily basis.

Further! If you identify as highly sensitive, as an empath, or as a human being with a pulse, I can’t recommend breathwork highly enough.  Try it out here.

P.S. Find this overwhelming and want me to choose a starting point?  Here you go!