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Morgan Day Cecil and the journey to feminine wholeness

Morgan Day Cecil

For so many women I know (and for myself on days when I’m not paying really freaking careful attention), the experience of getting older can easily become a desperate attempt to find a way out of the body.  We don’t want to sit with our breath or our humanity, so we find reasons to climb up into the control towers of our brains and stay there.  Permanently.

Morgan Day Cecil has been key in helping me to wander into my body and find safety within.  (More influences here if you’re curious.)

In this episode of That’s What She Said, Morgan is on the line to talk all things femininity and to help the ladies among us tune into “the genius of being a woman.”

Morgan and I toss around some big questions, like:

What does it mean to be on a journey of sexual wholeness?
What does judgement really say about us, and who does it harm?
What do spirituality and sexuality have to do with one another?
How does the breath influence our experience of being alive?

We also delve into surprising thoughts about tenderness, brokenness, and how the breath will help you receive more sex/money/acclaim in your life (if you let it and without being all weird and law of attraction about the whole thing).

Morgan Day Cecil
Listen in below or take a look at all the episodes of That’s What She Said.

Once you’ve fallen in love, pick up this free guided mediation and read more about feminine wholeness in Morgan’s own words.

The Sophia Sessions will bring you into Morgan’s community, and her Italy Retreat is coming up in July if you want to be fully immersed in the (sun and wine and yoga and) joy of being alive and female in the modern world.

P.S. The long journey to the body is addressed in a two part series by yours truly! One and two.