How to find your big why. - Kristen Kalp

How to find your big why.

There’s this crazy notion out there that one day, you’ll arrive. You’ll make it.

You’ll get this glorious moment of knowing that it’s all been worth it, and that you’ve triumphed once and for all.

Only we both know that moment doesn’t arrive.

Unless you win a freaking Oscar, and even then, it only lasts until your next movie comes out or people go back to calling you “Mork.” So, then…

Why do you put yourself through this?

The late nights.
The early mornings.
The endless text messages and e-mails and status updates
and phone calls and demands and expectations
and pressures and paperwork
and busywork and other work?

Why do you do what you do?

Like most of the good questions in life, it isn’t easily answered.

But I hope you know with great specificity why it is you do what you do. Why you wake up and keep plodding along, day after day, throwing your life’s hours into this bucket instead of that one. Me?

I’m here to help you be loyal to the deep truth of who you are.

To throw away the work you’re not proud of instead of showing it off.
To grow, to develop, to change.
To turn clients away before they cause mayhem.
To say “fuck” when you mean “fuck,” not “frick” or “fracking” or “eff.”
To respect your boundaries and morals even when it’s uncomfortable.
To walk away when your instincts tell you to.
To stay committed when you know it’s right.

I’m here to help you be loyal to the deep truth of who you are.

Why do you do what you do, really?

P.S.  It’s okay if it’s weird.

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